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Very cute game! I was delighted to see the (SPOILER ALERT) polar bears in the last level. 

What is this designed with? Did you code the entire engine from scratch?

If so, this is awesome!

well I made this with gamemaker :) however I'm learning unity right now and I find that to be better. Thanks for playing :) <3

just so you know the a and d keys play the walking animation but don't move the character.

thanks for the bug report. Yeahh I was going to make a WASD feature but I had changed my mind :P I'll fix that as soon as possible, and thanks for trying :)

Very good for your first game! There were some collision issues, and when you click on the Main Menu button after reading the Credits, it brings you to the Instructions instead of the menu.

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Thanks for playing :) Thanks for the bug report too, I actually fixed it and updated the file. Thanks for the support <3

You're welcome! It is cool to see people get into game design and programming.